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Keramag Design reflects the commitment of a strong brand to creating special

products. These bathroom ranges, exclusively developed to meet the most

demanding of requirements, are testament to an exceptional appreciation of

detail. They make tangible the company’s passion for beautiful shapes and

transform the wishes of our customers into a unique experience - combining

high quality materials, first rate finishes and sophisticated comfort.

Keramag Design stands for superb aesthetics, personality and quality, as well

as timeless design which outlasts short lived modern trends.

Behind these high standards is an innovative company with a long tradition

of expertise and a clear brand promise: ‘We create lasting values!’. Keramag

has been developing products precisely tailored to the needs and desires of the

people who use them, for over 110 years. Products which appeal primarily because

of their design and long lasting quality. Keramag Design is synonymous with the

Keramag lion, which has guarded the company’s tradition of lasting values right

from the beginning.

Thanks to its awareness of values, Keramag is now one of Germany’s leading

manufacturers of high quality sanitary ceramics which meet the highest

of standards, both at home and globally.